This Year, Don’t Wait to Order


Dear fellow ballfield professionals,

I’d like to take a moment to discuss a subject you never hear about from us: our “supply chain”.

In normal times, it’s just part of the business to plan our inventory and the timing of shipments from our suppliers to meet the anticipated needs of our customers. You expect that from us, and we don’t need to burden you with any details on how that all works behind the scenes. That’s as it should be. But, of course, these are not “normal” times.

From what we’re hearing from customers, we know many of you are waiting to place your seasonal ballfield orders until there is more certainty about when folks will be back out on the fields. Everyone seems certain that a return to the ballpark is coming, but few are sure of just when — so there is hesitation to order the necessary supplies right now.

If you’re like me, you were surprised this past year when you would go to the supermarket and find some shelves completely empty of staple items you had just assumed would be in abundance. That was a highly visible example of a disrupted supply chain — from manufacturers & distributors to end retailers. Of course, we at Beacon have our own network of suppliers and that supply chain is just as vulnerable to disruption as any other in this very unusual time.

Right now we are fully stocked and ready to ship here at Beacon. But we believe a big surge of demand will be coming all at once as ballfield professionals begin urgent preparations for their spring seasons. While our stock levels are high right now, we are concerned a surge will cause many of our suppliers to not be in a position to respond rapidly in refilling our inventory needs as they typically would. As a result, if you wait to order, we may not have an item you count on us for, just when you need it most.

Here are some things we are doing about this situation:

  • We have stocked up our warehouse with as much as it can hold.
  • We are reviewing our top selling items and securing additional inventory as needed to be ahead of the curve.
  • We are contacting our key vendors to understand their inventory positions on finished goods and access to raw materials.
  • We are identifying alternative options for any products that may experience disruptions.

What can you do? If at all possible, we urge you and your organization to place your season-critical orders right now.

We believe this coming season is so important for teams, fans and communities. We also know providing the most beautiful and playable ballfields will be especially important this year. That’s why I wanted to bring this unusual supply chain situation to your attention.

Message from Beacon CEO
John Maher,
Owner & CEO, Beacon Athletics

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