The Streamliner Anniversary: Beacon's Legendary Field Chalker Turns 20!

Join us in celebrating this milestone year for the game-changing Streamliner. Continual innovation assures you get a perfect line every time – plus, you’ll save 30% on chalk costs. Scroll down to learn more about which organizations won a free Streamliner this summer. Beacon’s exclusive Streamliner — “shooting lasers for 20 years”.


Streamliner introduced.

With a tubular design and all-plastic construction with a nylon agitator brush, stainless steel axle, and adjustable chalk flow, the Streamliner 30 from Beacon Athletics bursts onto the scene.


Two new models.

The Streamliner 35 & 70 brought all-steel powder coated frames, a thermomoulded hopper with a translucent cover, a retractable handle for easy transport and storage, hard rubber wheels on the 35, pneumatic tires on the 70, a nylon agitator brush, SS axle, enhanced string line guide and adjustable chalk flow. These robust models replaced the discontinued original Streamliner 30.


The Streamliner family grows to 5 models.

The Streamliner 70, with its pneumatic tires, saw the Streamliner 35 also gain pneumatic tires on one model, while the original 35 model remained available with hard rubber tires. The lineup grew by two more when the new 3-wheel Streamliner 353 (with pneumatic rear tires or with hard rubber tires) joined the family, making it five Streamliners on the roster. The optional Double-Play Aerosol Attachment gives Streamliner users the ability to continue the foul line right onto the outfield turf grass.


Better hopper covers for all.

All five Streamliner models feature a thermomoulded translucent hopper cover for the first time.


The family shrinks to 3, but in a good way.

The two models with hard-rubber tires are discontinued from the Streamliner roster, meaning ALL Streamliner units now come with pneumatic tires.


Refurbishing kit introduced.

To ensure an even longer product life, the Streamliner becomes the only dry line marker on the market to offer owners an easy-to-use refurbishing kit. The kit is designed to replace a handful of key parts prone to wear over time, restoring the Streamliner to like-new condition.


No-flat tires & simplification.

The entire Streamliner family moves to no-flat tires, reducing maintenance on the chalker. The two-wheel Streamliner 35 — originally introduced 2003 — is discontinued in favor of the 3-wheel 353 and four-wheel 70.


For more than just foul lines and batter’s boxes.

Innovation takes on a different form when the optional Softball Pitching Circle Attachment introduced making perfect circles as easy as perfect lines.


The 354 brings the best of both worlds.

The Streamliner 354 brings exciting new features. This 4-wheel, 35-pound hopper chalker moves the drive wheel for the agitator to the front wheels from the back. This gives users a clearer view of the string line and their chalk as it drops. A new ergonomic bicycle-style handle makes the 354 easier to steer.


The Streamliner celebrates its 20th anniversary.

A revolution twenty years in the making, the Streamliner remains the go-to chalker for groundskeepers at all levels. As the slogan goes, “better lines using less chalk.” The groundbreaking Streamliner remains a flagship product for Beacon Athletics and the gold standard for all field chalkers.

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