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Pitch Pro 486 6-inch Portable Game Mound, Junior

Pitch Pro 486 6in portable game mound

Fiberglass mound with slim width designed to allow pitchers to take a full stride and land on the mound, up to nearly 6 ft (68″).


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Pitch Pro 486 6-inch Portable Game Mound, Junior

Not just another pitching mound. This mound has the pitcher in mind. The uniquely contoured design lets pitchers throw strikes and execute sneaky pick-off moves with confidence. The slope toward home plate is directly from the MLB rulebook. No matter the mound height, your pitcher will be throwing downward at the recommended angle.

All feature an integrated regulation rubber (6″x24″). The Launch Pad is a special rubber composite placed in front of and under the rubber for better push off and protection from turf wear & tear.

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Product Features

  • MLB-recommended pitching slope
  • High-quality fiberglass construction
  • Regulation replaceable pitching rubbers
  • Launch Pad to reduce wear directly around the rubber
  • Great for using indoors or outdoors


NOTE: This item is delivered via commercial motor freight carrier. Please keep in mind that a fork lift, loading dock or lift gate service may be required for the delivery of this item. Additional charges apply if lift gate is needed to unload.

Additional information

Weight125 lbs

6"H x 4'W x 8'L