Modular Cage Hitting Station Net Attachments

A number of players and coaches can work at the same time with multiple sock net hitting stations. Makes additional hitting tee work or soft toss work possible before or after players turn in the cage. Attaches to the uprights of your batting cage. See below for sizing information.

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Modular Cage Hitting Station Net Attachments

For use with TUFFframe Modular batting cages:

  • Baseball: Size for the 70′ L cage and includes 4 stations.
  • Softball: Size for the 55′ L cage and includes 3 stations.

For use with TUFFframe Elite batting cages:

  • 2 Station Kit: Fits all tension cage sizes and includes post.

For kits designed for the TUFFframe Pro outdoor batting cages: See TUFFframe PRO Hitting Station Kits

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Product Features

  • Simultaneous multi-use, a number of players and coaches can work at the same time
  • Additional tee or soft toss work is possible before or after a player turns in the cage


  • Attaches to the uprights on the side of your TUFFframe Modular Batting Cage
  • An integrated multi-station hitting complex is easy to achieve with soft toss stations
  • Two-Station Soft Toss Kit
  • Simultaneous multi-use

Additional information

Weight70 lbs

4 stations (baseball), 3 stations (softball), or 2 stations and post (kit)