Grommets in each corner with 4 poly ropesHeavy-duty 22 oz vinyl fabric

Batting Cage Net Protectors

Help protect your batting cage net against excessive wear

Help protect your batting cage net against excessive wear. Choose from available vinyl or mesh net protectors. NOTE: please allow up to 15 days for custom colors.

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Batting Cage Net Protectors


Grommets in each corner with 4 poly ropes. Choose from printed vinyl with catcher and strike zone, vinyl with strike zone, or plain vinyl. Heavy-duty 22 oz vinyl fabric. Vinyl with strike zone and plain vinyl is available in Maple Green and custom colors.


A heavy #36 knotted nylon net (8′ x 8′) with rope edge — great for outdoor applications to allow more wind to pass through than solid vinyl. The 1″ mesh still provides a darkened backdrop behind batters. Includes adjustable attachment ropes and yellow strike zone rope.

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Weight6 lbs

Vinyl w/catcher & strike zone (5'x 7'), Vinyl w/strike zone, Maple Green (5'x 7'), Vinyl w/strike zone, custom color (5'x 7'), Vinyl, plain Maple Green background (7.5' x 7.5'), Vinyl, plain custom color background (7.5' x 7.5'), Mesh (8' x 8'), Mesh (12' x 8')