Virtual Catcher-Rebound Screen (36″ x 52″)

Lightweight, dual purpose screen. The Virtual Catcher shows a batter and numbered strike zone for reference with an attached mesh bag to collect balls. The Rebounder side returns baseballs or softballs as ground balls, line drives or pop-flys. Durable steel frame. Weatherized orange visibility net (30-ply P.E. net, 1-3/4″ mesh) with strike zone rectangle.


Table of Contents


  • Virtual-Catcher-Receiver-groundballs_135-905-130
  • Virtual-Catcher-Receiver-linedrives_135-905-130
  • Virtual-Catcher-Receiver-popups_135-905-130
  • Virtual-Catcher-Receiver-pitching_135-905-130

Additional information

Weight9 lbs