TUFFScreen 7×7 Pitcher’s L

This large 7 ft by 7 ft L screen gives you excellent protection without limiting your throwing motion during practice. Our L-screens bring superior construction and quality, featuring sturdy rust-free Gatorshield® frames and tough UV-treated pillowcase nets.  Wheel kit included. Pitchers L size options of 8 x 8 and 7 x 5 also available.


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TUFFScreen 7×7 Pitcher’s L

Coaches & players love them.

Your feedback inspired us to make our baseball and softball protective screens better, stronger and more versatile. Input from hundreds of college athletes, coaches and athletic directors, motivated some big changes as well as a few small tweaks to give you the infield protective screens you asked for.


Product Features

  • Better L-screens mobility. Wheels are now standard on all L-screens making them easier to move.
  • Low-profile wheels. Our new lower profile wheel keeps your screen closer to the ground, improving stability. 
  • “No Tip” Stability. All TUFFscreen frames now accommodate an optional Field Weight Kit to help prevent tip-over in high winds.
  • Optional Heavy-Duty Netting. Beacon’s standard netting is strong, but professional and D1 athletes want more protection. We now offer optional 192-ply, heavy-duty netting for all L-screens and larger infield screens. 
  • Small Ball Training. Using a tighter weave pattern, you can easily attach this optional net to prevent smaller-sized balls from passing through any TUFFscreen.
  • Also see our smaller 7’x5′ L-Screen. This new L-Screen provides excellent protection for the pitcher while the
    narrower width gives you maximum range for your infield practice compared to other L-screens.


  • SCREENS-Lscreen-7×7-nopadding_135-100-430
  • SCREENS-paddingkit-closeup1_135-100-242
  • SCREENS_double-net_9861
  • SCREENS_wheelkit-closeup1_135-100-440
  • SCREENS-Lscreen-lineup2_135-100-282

Additional information

Weight95 lbs

Heavy-duty UV-treated pillowcase net, Standard UV-treated pillowcase net


with standard net, with heavy-duty net, with standard net + padding kit, with heavy-duty net + padding kit


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