Hack Attack Baseball Pitching Machine

Three 14″ wheel design allows the hitter to see the ball clearly throughout the feeding motion and allows coaches a simple adjustment to change from fastballs to right- or left-handed curveballs, sliders or split-finger baseballs.

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Hack Attack Baseball Pitching Machine

The Hack Attack features easy to use elevation adjustments. Pivoting head instantly converts the pitching machine for fungo work, fly and ground ball practice, even catcher’s pop-up. This pitching machine delivers more strikes per practice session.

See images for product feature callouts, distinguishing features, and a comparison to Jugs machines.

  • Baseball Pitching Machine STANDARD offers speed in excess of 100 mph at 60′ and fungo flyballs to 380′.
  • Baseball Pitching Machine JUNIOR offers speed in excess of 70 mph at 45′ and fungo flyballs to 250′.

Product Features

  • Feed chute handle pivots throwing head instantly in any direction for all fungo work
  • Front wheel guards protect throwing wheels from balls driven into machine during set-up, transport and storage
  • Three solid throwing wheels provide realistic spins as well as exceptional accuracy and velocity while limiting ball and wheel wear (no pinch pad)
  • Wheel guards ensure safe operation
  • Throwing wheel dials for quick pitch adjustments
  • Locking telescoping legs for quick setup
  • Pitch elevation control moves the pitch up and down so location can change pitch to pitch
  • Tripod base ensures stability on all surfaces
  • Fungo/pivot control tightens for pitch repeatability, loosens for fungo work
  • Large transporting wheels makes it extremely portable
  • Pitch selection chart mounted on the machine shows dial locations for the fastball, riser, drop, and right- or left-handed screwballs
  • Throwing head mass eliminates recoil ensuring repeatability


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  • Baseball Pitching Machine Junior
  • Feature callouts of the Baseball Hack Attack
  • Distinguishing features of the Baseball Hack Attack
  • Hack Attack comparison to Jugs machines
  • Hack Attack Baseball Pitching Machine
The Hack Attack’s three-wheel design eliminates delays caused by pivoting the throwing head when changing pitches. You can instantly dial in great curves over 70 MPH, sharp sliders over 80 MPH, and fastballs over 90 MPH.”
—John Savage, Head Baseball Coach, UCLA

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