CH Anchor Complete Systems

Installation takes only minutes and requires no concrete and there’s no digging. CH Anchors are made out of heavy duty steel, and weigh 5 lbs each. CH Anchors last 5-10 times longer than the traditional anchors. Complete system includes: 3 anchors and Driver Tool. More individual anchors also available.

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CH Anchor Complete Systems

More than 221,000 anchors sold. This way of installing base anchors will save you time AND money.

The CH System allows you to install a base anchor in about 5 minutes. You no longer have to pour concrete, dig a hole and hope that nothing happens to it that requires that you to do it all over again — things like erosion, freezing & thawing, and, worst of all, hitting the anchor with an implement). If this happens to CH Anchors, it takes only a few minutes with the CH Driver to re-position and you’re back playing ball.

CH Anchors are made out of heavy duty steel and weigh 5 lbs each. CH Anchors last 5-10 times longer than the traditional anchors. The CH Base Anchor and driver system is built to last for many years of hard use.

The time you save using the CH System is enough to outweigh the cost of doing it the concrete way — TIME IS MONEY!  Additionally, when you consider the life expectancy of the CH Anchor is 5-10 times longer, the decision is much easier.  Also, remember that once you have the CH Driver you don’t need to purchase another one because you can use it over and over.  All you need to do after the first CH Driver purchase is purchase additional CH Anchors.

Compatibility: CH Anchors are designed to fit Hollywood (1-1/2 inch) and Bolco (1 inch) standard bases.

Product Features

  • Excellent for fields with multiple base lengths
  • Install a base anchor in about 5 minutes
  • No digging or concrete needed
  • Extremely durable, heavy duty steel
  • All anchor types easily re-positioned with the same driver
  • Anchors last 5-10 times longer than the traditional anchors

Additional information

Weight40 lbs

3 anchors and a driver