Base Anchor Plugs

Base Anchor Plugs Group of 4

Use on ground anchors when bases are not in use. Prevents dirt buildup around stake and inside sleeve. Sold as single plug. Also check out a Beacon Bucket of anchor plugs with field tips! (see below)

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Weight 0.25 lbs
Black Foam Whisker Plug

Foam with whiskers. Fits 1-½” sleeves.

Yellow Anchor Plug

Round with string locator. Fits 1″ and 1-½” anchors.

Black Anchor Plug with White Indicator

Black rubber, solid white indicator. Fits 1″ and 1-1/2″ anchors.

Orange Mushroom Plug

High-quality round universal rubber plug. Fits 1″ male or 1-½” female anchors.

Black Square Anchor Plug

Easy to install and remove. Safe to use with tractors, drags & rakes. Fits 1″ and 1-½” anchors.

Orange Cap

Round universal orange rubber plug. Fits 1″ and 1-½” female anchors.