TUFFframe Tensioned Pipes ComparisonWinches mounted to the 3 poles on the tensioning end make setup easyThe TUFFframe Winch Tensioning System

TUFFframe Tensioned Outdoor Batting Cage


TUFFframe Tensioned Batting CageThere’s no net-killing ricochet with only three support columns on each end and spaced beyond the net end panels of the hitting tunnel. And look ma, no ladders! Winches make setup and take down super easy from the ground. Now featuring our exclusive FUSElink Protection hardware system!

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TUFFframe Tensioned Outdoor Batting Cage

FAST. Once the poles are set, it takes two people less than 10 minutes to install or remove this hitting tunnel — without ladders. Our premium batting cage net is suspended between the poles while the Tenex top cables are tensioned by our winch and cable units to maximize hitting and pitching space. Remove the winch handles when it is in the intended position.

SAFE. Support poles are spaced beyond the net end panels, rather than along the cage sides. This eliminates ricochets from hit balls. And without side poles there is no more crushing of the net between a hit ball and the pole — the main cause of holes in the side panel netting.

Our new FUSElink Protection hardware system (scroll down for more) reduces the possibility of your batting cage poles and hardware failing if the net becomes overloaded due to wind, ice buildup, or other unforeseen events that could otherwise damage cage hardware. So if the tension is just a little too tight for the conditions, the link will give and the chain will take over — watch the video!

Whether ordering a "standard" setup or a batting cage to conform to your site, it's likely Beacon is your best and most affordable option. Tell us about your facility and your batting cage ideas and our team of experts will make sure it's done right. Send us your info

Product Features

  • Standard sizes: 70′ L baseball and 55′ L softball by 14′ W and 12′ H
  • Heavy-duty schedule 40 steel poles (3′ net offset, see comparison photo)
  • Overload protection system prevents damage to the poles by limiting excessive cable loading
  • Exclusive Tension Link reduces possibility of poles & hardware failure
  • Premium UV-treated nylon cage net with vinyl reinforcement and end panel over-flap entrance
  • Pre-installed fiber overhead cables and net for quick and easy setup
  • Shared-pole multiple cage designs any way you need — single, double, triple, side-by-side, end-to-end
  • Ground cables hold net to the ground
  • 12′ x 8′ net protector included
Beacon’s TUFFframe tensioned cage is an amazing batting cage. With the crank-pulley system we can easily remove the netting when we're not using it, and I love that the poles are only at the ends. We absolutely love our double batting cages!
Marie ThomasonHead Softball Coach, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical Univ. (AZ)

Our exclusive FUSElink Protection hardware system reduces the possibility that your batting cage poles and hardware will fail if the net becomes overloaded due to wind, ice buildup, or other unforeseen events that could otherwise damage cage hardware. Scroll down to watch the video.

Nets & Frames


Only heavy-wall galvanized steel stands up to it all. Designed around schedule 40 galvanized poles (see comparison image above). They’re made from large diameter galvanized steel pipe, not the typical thin walled tubing used with other batting cages. Available single- or double-wide.


Our heavy-duty nets are tough, too. Designed in-house and made in the USA. They all feature heavy-duty end panels, vinyl reinforced joints, grommeted hanging points in top section (perimeter and center), two large over-flap doorways and fully grommeted bottom edge for staking. Optional lead rope can be sewn into bottom hem. Prefabricated, steel cables support our premium nets and speed installation.


Add these options to get the most out of your tensioned cage, see Batting Cage Accessories for additional options:

  • Net Protector: Net or vinyl panels hung on the batting end of the cage to reduce wear on cage net.
  • Soft-Toss Attachments: Set of sock-net hitting stations and attachment hardware for one or both sides of cage — stand alone units also available.
  • Artificial Turf: Standard roll sizes with various material options.
  • Ground Sleeves & Caps: For situations when the cage needs to be completely taken down, poles and all.
  • Pitching Screens
  • Outdoor Batting Cage Accessory Kit Green 6′ x 12′ Hitting Mat without Home Plate, Pitcher’s L Screen, and Green 7.5′ x 7.5′ Vinyl Net Protector.

Sleeves & Caps

Reference the list below for the number of optional ground sleeves & ground sleeve caps needed for your batting cage (sold individually):

  • for 70′ Single: 6 ground sleeves and caps
  • for 70′ Double: 10 ground sleeves and caps
  • for 70′ Triple: 14 ground sleeves and caps
  • for 55′ Single: 6 ground sleeves and caps
  • for 55′ Double: 10 ground sleeves and caps
  • for 55′ Triple: 14 ground sleeves and caps


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Additional information

Weight 1185 lbs
Cage Net

Premium UV-treated nylon with vinyl reinforcement