TUFFframe™ ELITE Outdoor Batting Cage


Raise and lower from the ground. No ladders needed. Setup and take down are incredibly easy with our simple-to-use winch system. This outdoor batting cage is like no other due to its exclusive FuseLink Overload Protection System, protecting your batting cage investment from unexpected wind and ice overload.


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Beacon FuseLinkOur patent-pending FuseLink was nominated for the “Game-Changer Award” at the 2019 American Sports Builders Association Conference. FuseLink brings an innovative solution to a common problem — protecting the cable tension systems used to hold nets in place. Cable tensioning used with batting cages face potential structural damage and expensive repairs from excessive winds or damaging weight from snow or ice. Beacon’s FuseLink provides a smart, effective solution.


TUFFframe™ ELITE Outdoor Batting Cage

The TUFFframe™ ELITE makes on-the-fly tensioning adjustments easy.

The winch handles are removable so tensioning cannot be tampered with by unauthorized personnel. With only three poles on each end, there are no intermediate pipes or overhead structure to create a ricochet hazard. Add optional grounds sleeves (1 per pole) to streamline installation.

Need a custom cage size?

Sometimes your ballfield layout requires a non-standard size or configuration. This isn’t new to us. We’ve help hundreds of our customers get the custom size batting cage system to fit their unique needs.

Contact us for custom sizes.

Which outdoor batting cage is right for you?

Beacon offers multiple outdoor batting cage systems. Give us a call to discuss your needs or view our Outdoor Batting Cage Comparison Table to learn more.


Product Features

  • Setup and take down from the ground — no ladders!
  • Heavy-duty 4″ schedule 40 steel pipes
  • Premium UV-treated knot less nylon cage nets with end panel entrance
  • Pre-installed overhead cables and net-stabilizing ground cables.
  • Multiple cage configurations — single cage, side-by-side cages or end-to-end cages.
  • 12′ x 8′ net protector included.
  • FUSElink Overload Protection protects your cage from unexpected overload from heavy winds, ice, etc.
This is an amazing batting cage. With the crank-pulley winch system we can easily remove the netting from the cage. And, with poles only on the ends we don't have any ball ricochets. We absolutely love our double batting cages!
—Marie Thomason, Head Softball Coach, Embry-Riddle Univ. (AZ)

Superior Nets & Frames


Only heavy-wall galvanized steel stands up to it all. Designed around schedule 40 galvanized poles (see comparison image above). They’re made from large diameter galvanized steel pipe, not the typical thin walled tubing used with other batting cages. Available single- or double-wide.


Our heavy-duty nets are tough, too. Designed in-house and made in the USA. They all feature heavy-duty end panels, vinyl reinforced joints, grommeted hanging points in top section (perimeter and center), two large over-flap doorways and fully grommeted bottom edge for staking. Optional lead rope can be sewn into bottom hem. Prefabricated, steel cables support our premium nets and speed installation.


  • The TUFFframe Winch Tensioning System
  • TUFFframe-ELITE-winch
  • CAGE_TUFFframe-ELITE-pipecomparison
  • CAGE_TUFFframe-Hoistable-illustration


Add to your batting cage to get the most out of it. See our Batting Cage Accessories.


NOTE: This item is delivered via commercial motor freight carrier. Please keep in mind that a fork lift, loading dock or lift gate service may be required for the delivery of this item. Additional charges apply if lift gate is needed to unload.


Can you create custom-size batting cages?

Yes, we can create custom-size batting cages. Please reach out to us with all the cage details and we’ll be happy to assist. You may also use our Batting Cage Project Inquiry form to submit the details of your custom batting cage.

What is the required footprint and how many poles come with each batting cage?

It depends upon the size and model. Below is a summary of our batting cages:
[Table of batting cage sizes and poles]

What are the foundation requirements for a batting cage?

Foundation requirements can vary. That variance is typically based on factors such as budget, space and location.

The two most popular options are concrete or a crushed aggregate-type material. However, if these options do not fit your plans or specifications, natural grass can be considered as an alternative, though natural grass is NOT recommended.

After the main foundation has been determined, polypropylene urethane artificial turf would be the best option to cover the main foundation. Artificial turf will give you extra protection for your equipment, as well as give you a more professional look & feel.

Do I need a subsurface, like artificial turf?

Artificial turf is HIGHLY recommended for any batting cage, outdoor or indoor. With outdoor cages, you’ll want to be sure to avoid using turf with “foam backing”. As moisture seeps into foam-backed turf, the foam will likely to rot or deteriorate over time.

The best turf option for outdoor applications is 24oz to 40oz polypropylene urethane backing artificial turf.

What accessories are recommended for batting cages?

Accessories for batting cages and improve safety and function, while also providing the finishing touches for your batting cage. The key accessories for your batting cage include a pitchers L-screen, hitting mat, external hitting stations, pitching machines, baffle net, net protector, and artificial turf.

We recommend browsing all of our batting cage accessories to improve safety and functionality.

How do you properly store the net in the off season?

Aluminum poles: Premium Harken Lifting Blocks and halyards.
Steel poles: Winches.

What are the mounting options for barrier netting?

The best way to store batting cage netting in the offseason is in a temperature-controlled area, like a storage room, secured within a plastic bin so the net does not become damp.

Is there a door flap for easy entry & exit?

Yes, all Beacon batting cages have at least one door flap for fast, safe entry and exit.

How are batting cages shipped and what’s needed to unload?

Poles: Ship via freight. You will need a forklift and the capacity to take a 12′, 14′, or 16′ pallet off the truck.
Hardware and netting: Products are palletized and ship freight through a common carrier from various locations. You may need a forklift to offload depending on the size of your batting cage.

Please note: Shipping methods may vary depending on the size of the order.

Additional information

Weight1185 lbs
Cage Net

Premium UV-treated nylon with vinyl reinforcement