Build a multi-station in-line unit to fit your needs

Soft Toss Stand-Alone Kit

4-station Quad Kit

Don’t have the space or budget for full batting cages? Our new Stand-Alone Soft Toss Kits allow multiple players to work out in a confined space, safely and at the same time.

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Soft Toss Stand-Alone Kit

Bring soft toss to the ballpark in a variety of ways. Perfect for facilities that host large tournaments and need to accommodate pre-game warm-up and hitting practice for large numbers of players. Install a stand-alone system with standard configurations like the 4-station Quad Kit and 3-station Triangle Kit, or build a multi-station in-line unit to fit your needs.

Adding soft-toss stations to your existing batting cage is another excellent way to maximize your space’s efficiency and keep them hitting. View all Soft Toss products

Product Features

  • Heavy-duty knotless nylon nets with large capture sock to collect and retain batted balls
  • Flexible layout options can accommodate various spaces
  • Galvanized steel cabling and attachment hardware
  • Schedule 40 galvanized steel poles

Additional information

Weight 365 lbs

Schedule 40 galvanized steel


Heavy-duty knotless nylon with large capture sock


Galvanized steel cabling and attachment hardware