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U-Shape Rail Pads

Our durable, flexible, and protective rail padding was designed for all types of playing fields, including baseball and softball facilities. Ideal for dugout rails and myriad other uses, this customizable padding can be designed to blend in with your facility’s team spirit – and is a big hit with players and fans alike!


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U-Shape Rail Pads

Backing: 3/4″ B/C Exterior Grade Plywood

Vinyl Covering: 18oz./sq. yd. fully COATED vinyl on base fabric scrim of 1,000 denier x 1,300 denier polyester. Vinyl compounded with UV inhibitors and mold inhibitors. Vinyl is wrapped fully around plywood and foam to fully cover front, back, and all edges. Full vinyl wrapping is fastened only on backside using stainless steel staples.

Fabric meets following tests:

  • Tear Strength Tests: Warp 100 lbs., Fill 100 lbs.,
  • Grab Tensile Strength: Warp 410 lbs., Fill 410 lbs.,
  • Weft Insertion: 18 x 17.
  • Cold Crack: Minus 40 degrees F°.

Filler Foam: 1 3/8″ thick cross-link polyethylene foam.

Adhesive: Synthetic resin based demonstrating high flexibility, excellent water and heat/cold resistance, and superior bonding factor.

Attachment: 1/8″ x 1 ½” x 6″ Aluminum Flat Bar, 2″ x 2″ zinc plated “L” bracket, 2″ zinc plated EMT strap, #10 x 1 zinc plated hex screw and 1/4″ zinc plated washer.