Aer-Cushion® Indoor Wall Pads

Our safe, durable, and visually appealing wall pads offer ideal protection for basketball courts, wrestling rooms, gymnastics centers, and even play areas. These customizable pads are a safety “must” as they absorb shock and protect athletes when they come out of the play area/workout zone. Custom print available.

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Aer-Cushion® Indoor Wall Pads

  • Standard Sizes: 2′ x 5′, 6′ or 7′ Optional Cutouts for switches/outlets. 16 colors can be mixed or alternated for dramatic effect. Order aluminum channeling separately. Quality pads are constructed of 18 oz. fire rated (FR) Vinyl Covering, either 1⅜” thick Crosslink Polyethylene Foam OR 2” HD Urethane Foam, and 7/16” thick OSB board backing.1” lip at top and bottom for attachment to wall, easily attach to wall with bolts OR aluminum channeling.

    Stage Pads

    Our stage pads provide safety and protection of the full front or your stage.

    Our pads are constructed using 1⅜” crosslink or 2” polyurethane foam with an 18 oz. FR vinyl covering.

    Made custom to your specifications.

    Vinyl Covering: 18 oz./sq. yd. fully COATED fire-retardant vinyl on base fabric scrim of 1,000 denier x 1,300 denier polyester. Fabric meets following tests: Tear Strength Tests: Warp 100 lbs., Fill 100 lbs., Grab Tensile Strength: Warp 410 lbs., Fill 410 lbs., Weft Insertion: 18 x 17. Vinyl compounded with UV Inhibitors and Mold Inhibitors. Cold Crack: Minus 40 degrees F°.

    Filler Foam: 1 3/8″ thick cross-link polyethylene foam.

    Attachment: 2″ wide hook/adhesive loop.


  • Wall Pads with Digital Imprinting and Cutouts
  • Wall Pads with Digital Imprinting and Cutout
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