Beacon Backstop Wall System

This is really how walls, netting and padding should work. The typical concrete or brick backstop is expensive and uses heavy pads that eventually warp. Our backstop system fixes that. Here’s how it works: poles are set, treated planks are added using slide-over post brackets, and our lightweight wood-less no-warp pads are secured. You’ll absolutely love the way it looks.

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Beacon Backstop Wall System

Our product development efforts are triggered when we see a problem confronting our customers. We have found the typical backstop base wall — brick or concrete — to be expensive & difficult to install, plus the pads used on concrete walls are heavy, hard to mount, and often warp out of shape. To solve these problems and complement our net backstop systems, we have developed the Beacon Backstop Wall System & Woodless Backstop Pads — the total backstop solution.

Our Backstop Wall System, is a cost-effective solution that includes a solid 3′ high wall constructed with galvanized steel posts, powder-coated slide-over brackets, and 2″ x 12″ treated lumber planks. We’ve also designed in attachment points for your backstop netting and for a backside banner. Just add our Woodless Backstop Pads and you have the perfect backstop solution. This modular design allows for total flexibility with sizing.

It’s designed for all levels of play and you’ll definitely love the way it looks.

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Product Features

  • Simple galvanized steel fence post structure
  • Powder coated slide-over post brackets with cable guides
  • Direct net-to-wall connection
  • Full-length backside banner that can be digitally printed
  • Standard treated lumber planks (can be purchased locally)


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Innovative Solutions

Our product development efforts are triggered when we see a problem confronting our customers. We have found the typical backstop base wall — brick or concrete — to be expensive & difficult to install, plus the pads used on concrete walls are heavy, hard to mount, and can warp out of shape. To solve these problems and complement our net backstop products, we have developed as part of our Defender Series the Beacon Backstop Wall System and Beacon Woodless Backstop Pads — the total backstop solution.

Beacon's a great resource for our ballfield equipment. Their woodless pads look great and are easy to install. Our staff really appreciates the quick-change panel swapping and easy removal for storage.”
—Joe Bolen, Director, Louisville Slugger Sports Complex


Does Beacon offer installation services?

We offer a variety of options to assist with the installation of your system.

Option 1. You choose the installer.
We believe you should have the flexibility to select an installer that best suits your needs. We will work closely to ensure your installer has a comprehensive understanding of the installation process and access to all the resources they will need.

Option 2. Beacon recommends an installer.
Beacon has successfully worked with a range of sports builders, general contractors, and fencing contractors over the years. If you’d like our expert recommendation, we’ll be more than happy to connect you with one these professionals to discuss your installation. For a hassle-free experience, we will work with our recommended installer to manage equipment purchases as we offer a comprehensive package of both products and installation services.

Option 3. Beacon coordinates installation.
Though we don’t have in-house installation crews, we have created strong relationships with experienced contractors who will perform the installation on our behalf. These trusted partners act as an extension of Beacon Athletics and will efficiently install our products for you.
Please note: This option may be limited to specific geographical regions and the availability of our installation partners.

What is the typical lead time for products?

Lead times for our products may vary. While we aim to provide the most accurate lead times, there are several factors that may ultimately impact the delivery schedule. The factors that may impact lead times include, but are not limited to:

  1. Product complexity may affect the time required for production or completion of the product.
  2. Large order quantities or bulk purchases may necessitate additional processing time.
  3. Availability of materials may result in delays in production if materials are not readily available.
  4. Customization and personalization of products or services may require more time to fulfill.
  5. High demand during seasonal peak periods may extend lead times due to increased order volumes.
  6. Shipping and logistics to your destination can impact overall delivery time.
  7. Unforeseen events that are beyond our control — such as natural disasters, supply chain disruptions, or global situations — may also influence lead times.

We will keep you informed about any possible delays but please note that estimated lead times are not guaranteed and are for informational purposes only. If you have time constraints or urgent needs, kindly contact us for assistance.

Please visit product specific pages to see current estimated lead times.

Do you provide shop drawings?

Project-specific shop drawings are only provided upon receipt of an order.

What type of warranty does Beacon Athletics provide?

Unless explicitly stated otherwise, Beacon Athletics provides a standard warranty against manufacturing flaws and defects for one (1) year from the date of delivery.

What do Beacon engineering services include?

Engineering services consist of a stamped site-specific engineering report, which provides confirmation of pole size and specification, as well as foundation design and specification.

Engineering fees cover the initial analysis and one (1) revision, with any extra revisions incurring additional costs.

If modifications to a product’s standard design are required to meet site-specific criteria, additional material charges may apply.

What is included with the Beacon Modular Backstop Wall?
  • Galvanized steel fence posts
  • Powder-coated mounting brackets for direct connection to backstop support poles
  • Integrated attachments for backstop netting system (netting sold separately)
  • All mounting hardware
  • Vinyl spectator-side banners (Custom printing available on banners for additional charge)
  • 2” x 12” pressure-treated lumber planks

Important Note: It is strongly recommended that lumber planks be sourced locally to ensure selection of quality boards.

Use #2 prime or better ground-contact pressure-treated 2″x 12″ x 8′ (or 10′) lumber planks.

How do Beacon Woodless Pads mount to the wall?

The Beacon Woodless pads are mounted via aluminum battens on the top and Velcro wall plates with sewn Velcro on the bottom of the pads.

How does the Beacon Wall integrate with Beacon Backstop Netting?

The bottom of the backstop net is connected to a steel cable (via cable ties) that is anchored to — and tensioned between — the threaded eye nuts at the ends of the Beacon Modular Wall.

Will Beacon Woodless Pads work with chain-link fence, concrete or brick walls?

Chain-link fence: NO. Our woodless pads are not designed for direct attachment to a chain-link fence. For chain-link fences, we recommend considering our Aer-Cushion Outdoor Padding or Folding Backstop Pads.

Brick or concrete walls: YES. Our Beacon Woodless Pads are suitable for use on brick and concrete walls.

What size do you recommend for Beacon Woodless Pads?

For our 3’H Beacon Modular Backstop Wall, our typical pad size is 2’11″H x 4’W. This size allows for a 1″ gap above field grade to help prevent unnecessary wear and tear. 

If your wall is a custom height, custom size pads can be made. We would still recommend sizing the pads to allow for a 1″ gap above field grade at the bottom.

Please note: Fill-in pads may be required and can be made up to, but not exceed, 5’W. 

Can you add custom printing on padding and the vinyl banner?

Absolutely! We offer custom printing for both padding and vinyl banners allowing you to add lettering, logos, or any other digital artwork. 

Please note: Vector or high-resolution digital files are required to proceed with printing. Additional fees will apply.  

What colors are available for padding and vinyl banners?
What is the typical timeline, from placing an order to completing installation?

Timing for different parts of the project is as follows:

  1. Intermediate poles: Once your order is received, intermediate poles are usually ordered and expected to reach the site within 3-4 weeks. 
  2. Slip over brackets: These brackets for the intermediate poles are expected to arrive shortly after the intermediate poles (around 4 weeks).
  3. Lumber connection: After the intermediate poles are installed and the slip-over brackets are in place, the lumber can be connected to the system. 
  4. Wall pads: Pads for the wall are ordered immediately and should arrive within 4-6 weeks. If custom printing is required, the delivery time extends to 6-7 weeks. 
  5. Vinyl banner: This typically arrives within 4 weeks of the time the order is placed. If custom printing is required, the delivery time extends to 6-7 weeks.
  6. Fill-in pads (if necessary): These pads are ordered after the original pads are installed and should arrive in 4 weeks. 

Please note: The actual timeline may vary slightly depending on specific factors and logistical considerations.

How are parts for the Beacon Wall System shipped?
  • Intermediate poles, slip over brackets and wall pads: Products are palletized and ship freight through a common carrier from various locations.
  • Vinyl banners and hardware: Are boxed and ship via FedEx ground.  

Please note: Shipping methods may vary depending on the size of the order.