Beacon Engineered Net Backstop Systems

A backstop that’s truly for the fans. Minimize or eliminate sightline obstructions to give your fans a perfect view. We specialize in ballparks, it’s what we do. We’ll help you design, install and maintain the right netting solution for your ballpark.

Read a special message on fan safety from CEO John Maher.

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Beacon Engineered Net Backstop Systems

Our Project Services team will put your town in the big leagues. We can make adding an in-line or tie-back net backstop easy. We will be right there from design through installation to deliver an aesthetically design solution that’s affordable, on time and built to last (also see our Barrier Net Systems). Beacon now handles installation. Call or contact us today about your netting project.

Learn more about our Project Services team and also about what you can do regarding Fan Safety.

Tie-Back Net Backstop Systems

No obstructions. Your fans will love it. Off-set poles deliver an unmatched spectator experience. Our tie-back net backstop systems can be integrated with any type of base wall, even radial layouts. Tie-back netting gives you simplified installation, simplified raising & tensioning, and simplified off-season net removal.

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In-Line Net Backstop Systems

Get rid of that old chain link fence. It will make a huge difference. Prefabricated Beacon parts help deliver an incredible upgrade for spectators.

Our in-line net backstop systems require as little as four poles to deliver a safe, proven solution. Engineered designs and proprietary tensioning hardware allow your netting to be raised and lowered from the ground, or supported by a permanent cable grid.

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  • NETTING-TieBack-074
  • NETTING-TieBack-805
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  • NETTING-TieBack-759
  • Beacon Tie-back Net Backstop – Chaplain’s Field, Fremont, NE
  • In-Line Backstops can be less expensive than chain link and are often easier to install.
  • Beacon’s in-line and tie-back systems have both been built up to 50′ tall.
  • Pre-assembled support poles speed installation and ensure structural integrity.
Our sight lines are now outstanding. A 100% improvement over our old chain link backstop. If you’re building a new complex or remodeling your existing facility, we highly recommend consulting with Beacon first.”
—Rick Roberts, Athletic Director, Van Meter HS (IA)