The windscreen you have been waiting for.  ExtremeScreen™ is a gamechanger; it simply stays on the fence better.  It is an exceptionally durable knitted polyethylene fabric that withstands higher winds while having an 80% opacity and is resistant to fading. It will look great for years to come while reducing the cost of maintenance and material replacement.  7 year warranty. Contact us to order and for custom printing.

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ExtremeScreen™ is a revolutionary product.  With its unique design it allows less wind load on your fence while providing an 80% visual block. ExtremeScreen™ drastically reduces your maintenance.  Graphic option available. 7 year warranty.

Available colors for 6′ standard ExtremeScreen™: green, black, royal blue, navy blue, royal blue
Available colors for 9′ standard ExtremeScreen™: green, black

Contact us to order and for custom printing.

Product Features

  • Major reduction in wind related maintenance
  • 80% opacity
  • Reduces load on fasteners and fence by 50%
  • Non-coated, so no cracking or peeling from wind whipping
  • Sturdy reinforced 3-ply hems
  • Triple grommeted corners
  • Brass grommets every 12 inches all four sides