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Ballasted Windscreen

Protect the assets at your sports venue!  Tuffy® Ballasted Windscreens protect your fence like no other product. The engineering of this product ensures that there is reduced stress on your fence, no matter what the wind strength. And customize the look of the screen with a wide variety of colors to ensure a consistent and uniform view at your venue.

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Ballasted Windscreen

HOW IT WORKS: Individual 5′ wide x 6′ tall Ballasted Windscreen units are attached to chain link fence only along their grommeted tops, BUT the units are installed alternately on both sides of the fence. The bottom of each section has a weighted PVC pipe inserted thru its entire width in a reinforced pocket, engineered to provide correct ballast to keep the windscreen unit vertical during lighter winds. It automatically opens up to let higher velocity winds flow thru, significantly reducing wind stress on the fence. Since half of the windscreen units are on each side of the fence, half of it opens up no matter the wind direction. Made with super-tough VIPOL® Matrix in 23 colors. Due to its dynamics, it carries no expressed or implied warranty, but thousands have been in use by schools, government operations and private clubs for years. This fully tested system is ready to protect your fences.


  • In calm to low winds, units stay in vertical position. Ballasted PVC pipe is in the reinforced pockets at bottom, and only the top is attached thru grommets.


  • Built-in hook & loop strips at top allow one person to roll up and secure entire unit in less than 30 seconds. Also useful for better tournament viewing.


  • As winds exceed 20 mph, units billow to allow potentially damaging high wind velocities to blow through, helping to PROTECT FENCE and WINDSCREEN
  • Vipol® Matrix Mesh: Fabric & Construction: 1,000 denier x 800 denier (18 x 14 ends/inch). 10oz./sq. yd. 78% Shading. Tensile Strength: 360 x 320 lbs.

Grommets: #2 brass grommets every 12″.

Ballast: Sand-filled PVC pipe insert.

Strap: 2″ wide hook/loop.

Available in 23 colors.