SPECTO® Outfield Fence System

Get a clean, professional looking outfield fence with any field. This fencing system is fully impactable — that means players are at a lower risk of injury (see photos). At the same time you have additional viewing areas for spectators. Movable and removable, this low-maintenance fence system is perfect for multi-diamond and multi-use fields.


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SPECTO® Outfield Fence System

Maximize your field. Tensioned vinyl-coated mesh panels with a bottom vinyl guard are suspended on cables from support and foul poles. All poles are powder coated to ensure stability and longevity. Dimensions can be customized to fit any baseball or softball field.

The fence needs little ongoing maintenance other than setup. Transporter carts for both the fence and poles are available for compact and convenient storage. Foul territory fencing is also available to stop errant balls, and extend the height of your fence with 2nd Tier Netting to keep home run balls from entering adjacent fields or spectator areas.

Product Features

  • Pole Carts— Easily store and transport foul and intermediate poles. These powder coated, steel frame carts are built to last and haul easily.
  • Fencing Cart — Easily roll onto a fencing cart for transportation and/or storage. Simply hook up and haul the powder coated steel cart behind your maintenance vehicle.
  • Foul Territory Fencing — Extend your outfield fence with SPECTO® Foul Territory fencing to protect spectators and your foul territory.
  • 2nd Tier Netting — Easily extend netting above the fence. Attach 2nd Tier to sleeves on the support poles of the outfield fence to catch home run balls, keeping them off adjacent fields.
“It was already the field of dreams... but now that we added a SPECTO® Fence, it’s probably one of the better ball fields in the country.”
—Keith Bulicz, Recreation Supervisor, Aspen (CO) Parks & Rec


  • SPECTO® Full Impact Image
  • SPECTO® Outfield Fence Foul Pole and Transparency
  • SPECTO® Outfield Fence Support Post
  • SPECTO® Pole Cart
  • SPECTO® Outfield Fence Cart