InstantEye Retractable Batter’s Eye

30'H x 56'W 5-unit installation shown with Instant Eye up

The patented Instant Eye™ let’s you declutter in an instant. This Beacon-exclusive was inspired by nature. A typical batter’s eye is a big, expensive, permanent structure that comes with constant worries about damaging wind gusts. The Instant Eye changes all that. It’s engineered to mimic trees. A sturdy central support has fully-retractable wings supported by flexible battens to allow subtle, stable movement to reduce wind load. Just like trees.

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InstantEye Retractable Batter’s Eye

Again, like trees, we also stagger the placement of each unit to allow wind gusts to freely pass through. To protect Instant Eye from approaching storms just lower the wings from the ground — no ladders. It’s all in stark contrast to traditional batter’s eye structures. Contact us today for a free consultation. U.S. Patent #9,180,356

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Product Features

  • Fully retractable system avoids unnecessary structural stress
  • Flexible battens help reduce wind load
  • Removable winch system allows for easily raising and lowering at ground level
  • Strategic offset allows free movement
  • Off-season storage is easy with fully-removable wings


  • 30’H x 56’W 5-unit installation shown with Instant Eye down
  • Flexible battens are key to performance & durability, even in extreme winds
  • Lowering & raising is an easy one-person job with this sturdy hand winch
  • Just like trees a strategic offset fore and aft allows for subtle free movement
  • Backside of Instant Eye


Additional information

Weight 650 lbs

30 ft tall, 20 ft tall


34'W (3 units ), 45'W (4 units), 56'W (5 units), Individual Unit (12'W each)


Engineered for 90 mph wind gust standard