Beacon Modular Wall System

Beacon Modular Wall System

The Beacon Modular Wall System is a lower cost option to a concrete or brick backstop wall. Easy to install, durable and attractive, the wall can be finished with a printed backside banner and color matched Beacon Wood-less Backstop Pads — it's the complete package. Also see Beacon Wood-less Backstop Pads

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Beacon Modular Wall System

THE CHALLENGE: Create a cost effective, simple to install, modular backstop wall system that integrates with Beacon net backstop and wall pad designs.

THE SOLUTION: The Beacon Modular Wall System is the cost-effective alternative to concrete or brick backstop walls. The unique combination of stainless steel mounting clips and Velcro® plates make off-season pad removal fast and easy. These integrated walls can be finished with a printed backside banner and color matched Beacon Wood-less Backstop Pads.

Product Features

  • Simple galvanized steel fence post structure
  • Powder coated slide-over post brackets with cable guides
  • Direct net-to-wall connection
  • Full-length backside banner that can be digitally printed
  • Standard treated lumber planks (can be purchased locally)


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  • backstopwallsystem_nowindscreen
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Innovative Solutions

Our product development efforts are triggered when we see a problem confronting our customers. We have found the typical backstop base wall — brick or concrete — to be expensive & difficult to install, plus the pads used on concrete walls are heavy, hard to mount, and can warp out of shape. To solve these problems and complement our net backstop products, we have developed the Beacon Modular Wall System and Beacon Wood-less Backstop Pads — the total backstop solution.