Maximum interior space with 14′ W x 14′ H design there is plenty of room for hitters, pitchers, and equipmentAn integrated multi-station hitting complex is easy to achieve with soft toss stationsSoft Toss Hitting Stations for TUFF1 Batting Cages

NET: #36 Nylon for Pro Batting Cage

Best used with Beacon Pro Batting Cage

Maximize your batting practice space with a 14′ W x 14′ H batting cage net that leaves plenty of room for hitters, pitchers, and your equipment. Premium UV-treated #36 knotted nylon cage net with sewn reinforcement and end panel over-flap entrances. Perfect for outdoor use.

Need something custom? We can help. Contact us to get you setup with a perfectly sized net for your facility, 800-747-5985.

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NET: #36 Nylon for Pro Batting Cage

Material: 210d/96 PLY (#36) black twisted knotted nylon
Hem: Black polyester webbing hems with grommets

  • Center hem on top
  • Grommets every 24″ top and center and perimeter
  • Grommets every 24″ bottom hem
  • Door on one end – 4′ over-flap


Material Selection

  • Nylon offers the best overall strength and UV protection over the life of a cage net and can easily be customized to fit any needs. It is, however, generally more expensive when compared with other materials.
  • High-Tenacity Polypropylene (HTPP) is less expensive than nylon with good strength and UV stability, but is available in only a few standard sizes.
  • High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) is a cost-effective alternative to other options and is often available in multiple standard sizes.


Twisted Knotted Vs. Braided Knotless

  • There is much debate as to which method of netting construction is better. Often it simply boils down to the “best option” being whatever a supplier has available to them. Based on our experience, we have found that both types can provide a quality long-lasting cage as long as the raw materials and fabrication methods are held to a high standard.

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14' H x 14' W x 55' L, 14' H x 14' W x 70' L