Standard Batting Cage Nets


These nets fit most standard cages and are held to strict quality standards and constructed with durable, machine-sewn rope-reinforced seams, roof rib line, and single-end access panel.

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Standard Batting Cage Nets

Indoor net? Custom size? We can help.

Contact one of our replacement netting experts to discuss your specific needs. We are happy to guide you to the right pre-sized netting option, or we can design a custom-sized batting cage solution to perfectly fit your facility. Contact us, or call 800-747-5985.


Material Selection

  • Nylon offers the best overall strength and UV protection over the life of a cage net and can easily be customized to fit any needs. It is, however, generally more expensive when compared with other materials.
  • High-Tenacity Polypropylene (HTPP) is less expensive than nylon with good strength and UV stability, but is available in only a few standard sizes.
  • High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) is a cost-effective alternative to other options and is often available in multiple standard sizes.


Twisted Knotted Vs. Braided Knotless

  • There is much debate as to which method of netting construction is better. Often it simply boils down to the “best option” being whatever a supplier has available to them. Based on our experience, we have found that both types can provide a quality long-lasting cage as long as the raw materials and fabrication methods are held to a high standard.

Additional information

Weight94 lbs

#42 HDPE Square Knot Nets, #42 Nylon Square Knot Nets


55'L, 70'L


12'W, 14'W