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Batting Cage Tensioning Cuff

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Structural support, in a colorful way. Designed to help the batting cage net resist wind. Available for single (4 included) or double (6 included) batting cages. Call for pricing on custom printing.

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Batting Cage Tensioning Cuff

We continue to improve the industry’s best Outdoor Batting Cage System. The Tensioning Cuff is a colorful structural support for the cage net corners. They hold the net in place and put slight tension on the side and end panels so the net can better resist the wind. They fit all our single or multiple cage installations and you can add your team name or logo to the cuffs to customize the appearance of your cage.

Product Features

  • Structural support for the cage net corners
  • Holds the net in place and puts tension on the side and end panels allowing the net to better resist wind
  • Customizable appearance such as team name or logo

Additional information

Weight 100 lbs

4 cuffs (single) or 6 cuffs (double)