Checkmate Striping Systems – Residential Push Mower

As the operator mows the turf, the CheckMate™ striping roller gently folds the grass in the direction of cut. The resulting patterns are created by sunlight reflecting from the grass. Grass that is bent away from you reflects light which appears much lighter in color. Grass that is bent towards you appears a much deeper green due to shadows being cast under the bent tips of grass. When mowed and rolled in opposing directions, vibrant patterns are created, rivaling major league ballparks throughout America.  Mower Deck Size 18″-22″

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Checkmate Striping Systems – Residential Push Mower

  • Rugged frame and casters-
    Constructed from the toughest of materials, the CheckMate™ is manufactured from high density injection molded rubber and 12 gauge powder coated steel.
  • Free Floating-All CheckMate striping kits have a unique connection method which utilizes a pivoting action. This allows significant weight to be placed on the turf while allowing the roller to freely float up and down over the contours of the lawn.
  • Reinforced mounting hardware
    All mounting hardware is reinforced with heavy duty galvanized flat stock steel measuring 1/4” in total thickness.
  • Maintenance – Free
    All CheckMate™ striping kits deliver worry free operation. Dual flanged nylon bushings are utilized in each caster for superior operation in dirty and corrosive environments.


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