Scrub Bug TempLine Synthetic Turf Cleaning Equipment

TempLine Water Bug

Water Bug Scrub Bug TempLine Synthetic Turf Cleaning Equipment

Flushes paint from synthetic turf while following the scrubbing action of the Scrub Bug. Designed to thoroughly finish off the process of removing paint from artificial turf. Perfect when used in tandem with the Scrub Bug.

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TempLine Water Bug

Works in tandem with the Scrub Bug, following behind to flush the removable paint after scrubbing. This high-pressure washing system is suitable for a range of surface cleaning jobs including synthetic turf, track surfaces and concrete walkways. 12″ cleaning path and a 16 gal on-board water tank — or switch to standard water hose for water supply. A versatile cleaning tool in hard to reach places 25′ pressure hose extension, wand and interchangeable nozzles. Pair with the Scrub Bug for optimum paint removal.

Product Features

  • TempLine Synthetic Turf Cleaning Equipment is precisely engineered and built for the sole purpose of delivering dependable synthetic turf cleaning results
  • Powder-coated, rust-resistant, heavy-duty, square-tube steel frames
  • Turf-safe pneumatic tires
  • Dependable and quiet Honda engines

Additional information

Weight 148 lbs

3' 9"L x 2' 10"W x 3' 3"H