FieldShield 8oz Standard Hem shown with field weights

FieldShield Standard Hem Area Tarps

FieldShield 8oz Standard Hem

Lighten up, but stay tough. These mound covers and home plate tarps handle easy, but wear hard. Made in the USA and high quality. Includes spurred, rolled rim grommets every 3 to 4 ft. Colors: 6oz (gray), 8oz (maple green), 18oz (all colors) — 6oz and 8oz come with white bottoms. Save 20% on this area tarp when you also purchase a Tarp Cart!


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FieldShield Standard Hem Area Tarps

Select from three tarp weights:

The FieldShield 6 oz Lightweight is still high quality but economical (6oz /sq yd poly). These made in the USA baseball tarps deliver the same construction quality and true sizing you expect from all Beacon tarps.

The FieldShield 8 oz Standard weight is a Beacon exclusive (8oz /sq yd poly). By combining lighter weight with superior strength, it’s easily your BEST value. It also features an ArmorKote surface coating for abrasion and crack control, superior seam strength, and better chemical resistance. It’s the perfect combination — durability without excessive weight.

The FieldShield 18 oz Heavyweight is made with the most durable material in the industry (18oz /sq yd vinyl). Constructed with solid reinforced vinyl. Eliminate lifting with a tarp roller and roll up to 5 tarps on a single roller.

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Consider a Beacon Tarp Cart for tarp storage and mobility.


Product Features

  • Includes spurred, rolled rim grommets every 3 to 4 ft
  • High quality and durable
  • True to size
  • Tarps available for all levels of play
  • Additional color options available for heavyweight tarps
  • Usually ships within 24 hours

Stakes & Field Weights

Stakes or field weights are recommended but not included. Select your tarp below to see the number of stakes and field weights needed.


Weight 4 lbs

Same as size (e.g. 18′ tarp has 18 grommets)

White Bottom

6oz and 8oz tarps