Beacon Puddle Sponge

Remove water puddles quickly and easily with this sponge that is built to last through several seasons of use. It’s easy, and won’t disturb your topdressing — absorb puddles, squeeze out the puddle water in a grassy off-field area and then hang to dry. Sold as set of 3 sponges.


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Beacon Puddle Sponge

Fast and effective, this hydrophilic foam and filter make the Puddle Sponge a unique solution that sets it apart from other water removal options and other puddle pillows. Many times, when puddles are removed with squeegees, shovels, and the like, the puddling issues worsen due to the unintended displacement of infield soil.

This puddle pillow will remove puddles without disrupting your infield skin and topdressing. Just lay the Puddle Sponge over the puddle, press down to absorb water, lift sponge and squeeze out puddle water into a bucket or an off-field area. When you’re done removing puddles, hang the sponge on the fence to dry using the fast-drying hanger loop. Ideal for use on ballfields, athletic courts or playgrounds.

NOTE: With a brand-new, out-of-the-box Puddle Sponge, there will be some soap embedded in the sponge that is left from the production of the sponge. It is absolutely normal that the sponge will foam heavily the first several times it is loaded with water — this foam will not hurt your turfgrass.

Product Features

  • Built to last through several seasons of use
  • Keeps the integrity of your infield soil in tact, no unnecessary displacement of infield material
  • Includes handy quick-dry hanger loop for easy drying
  • Hydrophilic foam and filter design
  • Excellent for ballfields, athletic courts or playgrounds


  • Lay Puddle Sponge on puddle
  • Remove puddle water without displacing infield soil
  • Squeeze out puddle water in a grassy off-field area
  • Easy drying with the Puddle Sponge hanger loop


Additional information

Weight5 lbs

20" x 15" x 3"


Hydrophilic foam


Set of 3 sponges