Sand Comb™ Mesh Sifting Rake

Features a ¼" galvanized steel mesh screen

Sift pebbles and debris from your infield with this handy mesh sand rake featuring a 1/4″ galvanized steel mesh screen. Helps you prevent sliding injuries from unwanted rocks and stones in your infield. This is a real soil or sand cleaner. Has an adjustable 16″ wide head with a 60″ steel handle.

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Sand Comb™ Mesh Sifting Rake

Not only is this mesh rake perfect for maintaining baseball infields, it’s great for sifting stones and unwanted debris from infields, playgrounds, sand volleyball courts, sand traps, bunkers, or landscaping. The mesh screen is what makes using this sifting rake so easy, and it will help you keep your fields, courts, and sand hazards playable and your landscaping free of all the stuff you don’t want.

Additional information

Weight6 lbs

¼" galvanized steel mesh


Adjustable 16" wide


60" steel