Infield Turf Protector 2

Infield Turf Protectors

Super Spike Resistant Vipol® Matrix Mesh. Entire perimeter has reinforced hem with brass grommets every 18”. Allows air, sunlight, and rain to get to grass and eliminates smothering.
Contact us for custom printing, sizes and shapes.

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Infield Turf Protectors

Protect your field like the pros
Now available in 23 colors and a size to fit all infields.

We can make custom sizes and shapes to cover any part of your field to protect from batting practice wear and tear. From simple halos to complicated, multi-cover projects.

Product Features

  • Vipol® Matrix Mesh: Fabric & Construction
  • Spike resistant
  • 78% Shading
  • Tensile Strength: 360 x 320 lbs.
  • Grommets: #2 brass grommets every 18″
  • Available in 23 colors
  • Allows air, sunlight and rain to get the grass
  • Contact us for printing, custom sizes and shapes

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Vipol® Matrix Mesh