Beacon Tarp Cart System

Designed to store and easily transport up to four area tarps and your Field Weights or tarp pins. Available in two models (with Field Weights or tarp pin holders), the Tarp Cart System lets you efficiently move tarps and supplies around your field. Tarps not included. Save 10% on Area Tarps when you purchase a Tarp Cart!

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Beacon Tarp Cart System

The Tarp Cart just makes sense.

Tarp Cart with Field Weights gives you a significant advantages over other weighted methods for securing area tarps like sand bags, or sewn in hem weights. Up to 36 Field Weights fit securely on the cart giving you quick access to tarp weights that won’t break down leaving you a sandy mess. Tarps sold separately.

Tarp Cart with Tarp Pin Holders gives you two tarp pin holders so everything stays neat and organized. Conveniently keep rolled up baseball tarps and pins together. Tarps and tarp pins sold separately.

Product Features

  • Holds up to 4 area tarps along with your Field Weights or tarp pins
  • Heavy-duty powder-coated steel construction
  • Large pneumatic tires
  • Fits through standard door frames
  • Ships with both wheel barrow-style handles and with tow bar
The Tarp Cart and rubber Field Weights are a big time-saver. We typically remove tarps on the mound & plate individually each morning. It is so easy to move around and we are able store it just outside the dugout. The Field Weights are much easier to handle than sandbags -- and cleaner -- and they store neatly on the cart, as well.”
Coach Frank RyanMillard West Baseball, Omaha NE


  • Tarp Cart System with Field Weights
  • Tarp Cart System with Tarp Pin Holders
  • Tarp Cart System with Tarp Pin Holders
  • Tarp Cart with Field Weights shown with tow bar


The removable Field Weights won’t wear on your tarp, meaning our 8 oz area tarps when used with Field Weights outlast even the most durable weighted tarps — including our 18 oz weighted hem tarp — and at a fraction of the cost. It all adds up to great savings, longer lasting tarps, and a transport & storage system that saves time and labor. No hassle from a large roller or transport tubes.


Big savings are to be had when you compare costs of the Tarp Cart with Field Weights versus weighted tarps:

  • Tarp Cart with Field Weights including 8oz 18′ and 20′ tarps your cost is $1,233
  • Weighted tarps including 18′ and 20′ tarps with tarp storage tubes your cost is $1,858
  • TOTAL SAVINGS over weighted tarps is $625 ($1,858 minus $1,233)

SAVE 20% on AREA TARPS with the purchase of the Tarp Cart System. Use promotion code TC20.

Additional information

Weight 300 lbs