Yellow marker for grassInstallation tool

Beacon Field Mark System

Permanent field marks

Just connect the dots. Takes the hassles out of using a batter’s box template or tape measure every time you mark the field. Use to mark your baseball field, your soccer field, or football field.

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Beacon Field Mark System

These permanent field marks are placed at the perfect depth with a custom installation tool. They remain noticeable when marking but won’t interfere with play. Mark the corners of the batter’s box, defining edge of baselines/ foul lines, soccer goal corners, end zone, or football field edges.

Complete set includes: 25 white (for infield) and 25 yellow (for grass) and the custom installation tool.

Product Features

  • Permanent field marks
  • Won’t interfere with play
  • Hassle free field marking or when using a batter’s box template

Additional information

Weight3 lbs
Field Mark Colors

White (for infield) and yellow (for grass)

Installation Tool Dimensions

8" x 3" x 3"