High-Speed Grading Bar Attachment for PR72

If you need to groom your infield quickly, one of the best tools you can choose is the High-Speed Grading Bar Attachment for PR72. It will perfectly level your infield at a speed of about 4-5mph. It attaches to the rear of the leveler and can be stored in an upright position until it’s needed.



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High-Speed Grading Bar Attachment for PR72

The standard Pro Groomer has a 2-bladed Leveler Implement for normal grooming. This standard setup is capable of speeds of approx. 4-5 mph. This is not considered fast.

Customers who run tournaments, or, simply play a lot of games back to back, have very little time between games and might consider the HS Grading Bar. When “engaged” behind the leveler implement the HS Grading Bar does not allow the standard 2-bladed leveler to contact the infield. Only the HS grading bar will make contact (and the rear smoothing broom). The High Speed Grading Bar is capable of speeds up to 10 mph when time is critical. Doubles the speed of infield prep.

The “high speed grading bar” attaches to the rear of the Leveler the same way that the Chisel Scarifier attaches. It’s stored on the upper “non-engaged” pins (it will not contact the infield when in the non-engaged position). In this position it’s ready to use when needed. Then when needed it’s quickly moved down to the lower “engaged” pins for high speed grooming (when in this position the 2 bladed.  Leveler does not contact the infield surface). The Rear Finishing Broom (and drag mat if you have it) attach directly to the High Speed
Grading Bar for final finishing.

Included is a Brush that installs directly to the Grading Bar to add in the smoothening process. Brush not shown in all photos. Also, the HS Grading Bar (or Chisel) can also be stored on the “Upper Frame Mounts” if desired.