X-Drag shown with Field Weight Kit sold separatelyX-Drag spikes

Beacon X-Drag Hand Nail Drag

Ideal for scarifying baselines, cutouts and home plate areas

The best scarifying tool. Ideal for working the baselines, cutouts and home plate areas. Choose the X Drag with Field Weights Kit to adjust on the fly to your infield's conditions and match your scarifying needs perfectly.

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Beacon X-Drag Hand Nail Drag

Adapt on the fly. Match any field conditions with the best scarifying tool. It just works better, rain or shine. Multiple rope connections means you can easily switch from 3′ wide or 2′ wide to fit where you need to be — baselines, around cutouts, the home plate area. Change direction by simply changing where the tow rope connects. That means the X-Drag can easily fit between the three-foot line and the foul line on the first base baseline.

Just choose the X-Drag with Field Weights to reach the right level of aggressiveness based on moisture and infield material conditions.

Product Features

  • Scarify baselines, cutouts and home plate areas
  • Pull in either 3’W or 2’W direction to easily fit down your baselines
  • Optional Field Weight Kit gives you the control you need to always match your infield’s conditions


Additional information

Weight 30 lbs

3' x 2'