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Dress up your field. The Beacon Turf Logo brings your colorful turf emblem to your field in a way that will last for years to come. No more painting your logo on the field and all the time and effort that goes with it. Simply cut away the turfgrass, lay in the turf logo and secure with sod staples.

For an estimate just email your team logo (specify color matching) and your desired size to Beacon Turf Logos are not recommended for use on football fields. 

  • Typically ships within 6–7 weeks.
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We used to pay more than $3,000 in paint & labor alone. Installing a Beacon Turf Logo took no more effort than what it takes to re-sod any surface area. Now our logo looks great all season.”
—Nicole McFadyen, Head Groundskeeper, Baltimore Orioles

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