FieldSaver™ Custom Engineered Soil Amendments

Ideal for fixing EXISTING INFIELDS. We’ll help you fix infields that are excessively dusty, slippery-when-wet, or just too soft or too hard. Begin with a Soil Test to determine the existing physical characteristics of the soil. That will zero in on which FieldSaver® product should be added to properly balance the infield skin — all at a fraction of the cost of removing soil and replacing it. For new construction, consider DuraEdge Engineered Soils. Contact us to learn more.

  • Typically ships within 10–15 business days.
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Table of Contents

How It Works

  1. Determine the problem: loose, sandy, chunking, or slick infield
  2. Order a Beacon Soil Test for soil analysis
  3. Beacon will recommend the FieldSaver prescription
  4. Mix FieldSaver into playing surface
  5. Enjoy improved infield without the cost of removing and replacing the soil