DuraEdge® ProSlide® Expanded Shale Topdressing

Topdressing is the true playing surface of an infield. It must help retain moisture, ensure fair bounces, create a smooth sliding surface, and add to an infield’s aesthetic appeal. ProSlide is an expanded shale topdressing developed by the soil experts at DuraEdge that provides a perfect playing surface for safe and reliable play. Sold by the pallet only. (50 lb bags, 40 bags per pallet) Shipping will be calculated after placing your order.

DuraEdge ProSlide is the Official Topdressing of Minor League Baseball

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DuraEdge® ProSlide® Expanded Shale Topdressing

The extremely durable topdressing that’s breakdown resistant. ProSlide 6×30 Expanded Shale Red or Brown Topdressing is engineered to present a professional appearance with less migration. The reduction of fines in the screening process gives you a more even coverage. The hardness of the expanded shale product ensures long lasting particles that remain on top. This product is solely intended to be utilized on the surface of your infield skinned areas, not tilled in.

  • Color-fast red or brown appearance that will not fade or wash away and provides excellent contrast for tracking ground balls
  • Available in one gradation range, (6×30) a consistent smaller particle size
  • A professional feel with a fine-textured, smooth sliding surface
  • Most durable topdressing on the market resisting particle breakdown
  • Less absorbent to help infield skin retain critical moisture
DuraEdge ProSlide is the Official Topdressing of Minor League Baseball


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