Quick Coupler Key

Use to activate a quick coupler valve

Use this quick coupler key to activate your quick coupler valve on your athletic field. Quickly and easily irrigate your field by tapping into that valve and attaching either a 1″ hose or an impact sprinkler. Pair this with a swivel joint to relieve pressure on your hose and make irrigation even easier.

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Measuring Tips

IMPORTANT: Read this before ordering coupler valves or coupler keys…

A common mistake is ordering the wrong size. Guessing wrong will delay your project and incur a restocking fee.

Measuring Quick Coupler Keys: You want to measure the outer diameter of the base of the key — the portion that is inserted into the quick coupler valve.

Measuring Quick Coupler Valves: Because the valve will receive the key, you need to measure the inner diameter where the key is to be inserted.



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