SweetSpot Field Tamp

SweetSpot Tamp SystemThis is not your father’s ground tamper. No more swollen hands and aching back. Interchangeable tamp heads give you up to 4 tamps in one (10×10, 8×8, 6×6, and 4×6). The SweetSpot self-corrects to the angle of your hitting surface, dampening the recoil through the handle greatly virtually eliminating vibrations. Includes handle, choose your tamp heads below.

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SweetSpot Field Tamp

This ground tamper is ergonomically designed to make things just plain easier on your body. We added 5-1/2″ inches to the handle to help out our taller groundskeepers and landscapers. And, with interchangeable, articulating tamp heads the lightweight Sweet Spot creates a damping effect that not only gives you an effective blow each time, but it’s just easier to use with reduced or no vibration. Select from four tamp head sizes — or buy all four.

Interchangeable tamp heads give you exactly what you want in a ground tamper. With four head sizes you can zero in on the combination of coverage and force to meet the job at hand. With all conditions being equal and the same amount of force applied, the resulting pounds-per-square-inch pressure increases as the plate size gets smaller. For example, the 8×8 head delivers 1.6 times the compaction force of the 10×10. The 6×6 head delivers nearly three times the force of the 10×10, while the 4×6 delivers more than a whopping 4 times the force of the 10×10. As you can see, the smaller the head the less work required when compacting clay.


Product Features

  • Four interchangeable tamp heads available (4×6, 6×6, 8×8, 10×10)
  • Efficient articulating tamp head self-adjusts to slope (see illustration)
  • Innovative damping effect reduces or eliminates vibration throughout the foam grip handle
  • Lightweight design is roughly 30% lighter than the typical traditional steel tamp (see comparison)
  • Dual use – This tamp is great for ballfield groundskeepers as well as landscapers


[Illustration of how the SweetSpot Tamp head articulation allows the tamp head to self-adjust upon contact.]Striking the surface squarely is the key to delivering the full power of each blow. A traditional tamp with a handle that is solidly fused to the tamp head makes this extremely difficult — especially on the slope of the pitching mound. The SweetSpot is designed with six degrees of articulation to make sure the tamp head and the surface come together squarely every time (see illustration). The result is maximum efficiency of your energy, reduced jarring, and a solid, powerful strike every time — all of which makes your job easier and extends the life of the product.


Another revolutionary feature is the SweetSpot’s shifting weight. This shift not only “dampens” the recoil effect when the tamp head meets a surface, it ensures that all of the downward energy is delivered to the target, not wasted on a recoil vibration sent up the handle. Instead, with this damping effect you get maximum force with little or no vibration for the user. Plus, less weight means less fatigue. Tamp weight factors directly into user fatigue. With our innovative interchangeable system we’re able to shed unnecessary weight which makes the SweetSpot lighter than most standard steel tamps. Check out the weight comparison of the SweetSpot versus a standard competitive steel tamp. Standard tamps routinely weight 20 or more pounds.


The revolutionary SweetSpot Tamp is truly like no other traditional tamp. With this reinvented groundskeeper’s tamp you’ll enjoy:

  • Less work to effectively compact clay from variable heads that give you targeted, concentrated power
  • Full power is delivered with each stroke as the articulating head strikes the surface squarely every time
  • Reduced or eliminated vibrations reduces operator fatigue and lowers the risk of injury
  • Swappable heads lets you maximize efficiency — get all four, or get only what you need


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The SweetSpot has become a valuable asset to the Indians’ field maintenance operations. The interchangeable heads give us great flexibility, regardless of the size of the job. The cushioned handle is really comfortable with a great grip. The SweetSpot totally covers all our tamping needs.
—Brandon Koehnke, Head Groundskeeper, Cleveland Indians