Fieldsaver™ Turf Growth Cover

Get ahead and stay ahead of spring green-up with a growth cover

Coverup and green up, year-round. These turf blankets help improve cold temperature seed germination, accelerate spring green-up and reduce winter desiccation. Sized perfectly for most baseball, football, or soccer fields. Comes hemmed and grommeted on all sides with sod staples to hold it down. Can be customized to fit your specific needs contact us for pricing.

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Fieldsaver™ Turf Growth Cover

Greener, thicker grass, it’s incredible! Sports turf managers agree that Growth Covers keep their turf healthy and protected.  Experience the difference with our winter turf blanket that not only protects against the harsh winters, but also work to keep your field healthy for spring!

Loosely woven plastic materials that create a greenhouse effect on the turf canopy when deployed onto the field surface. The translucent material allows the sunlight’s radiation to penetrate through and warm the turfgrass and soil beneath the cover.  Depending on the time of year and sun angle, the temperature under the cover can be 20 to 30 degrees warmer than the temperature outside the cover. This warms the ground up more quickly. It wakes the turf and begins the photosynthetic process to provide green-up and vertical growth as soil temperatures increase.

The loosely woven fabric allows rainfall in, permits the exchange of gases (CO2 and O2), and acts as a relief valve from too much heat building up under the cover.

  • The industry’s best strength and durability
  • Proven by experts in the field
  • 3 oz., 100% woven polypropylene
  • 6-ply, double-stitched hems
  • 90% light pass-through
  • Brass spur grommets spaced 5’ apart


  • Growth covers are great for spring green-up of infield grass
  • Growth covers come with grommets and sod staples to hold it down
  • Growth covers are perfect for spring green-up of soccer goal areas
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3 oz polypropylene


Football Sidelines (20' x 50'), Football Between the Hash Marks (60' x 75'), Soccer Goal Mouth (30' x 60'), Baseball Youth Infield (60' x 60'), Baseball Adult Infield (90' x 90')