DuraEdge® DuraPitch™ Premium Mound Clay

Your fast track to getting high-wear areas reinforced. DuraEdge mound clays are blended by computer-controlled machines, allowing us to create the perfect clay time and time again. Sold by the pallet only. (40 lb bags, 50 bags per pallet) Shipping will be calculated after placing your order.

DuraEdge is an Official Partner of Minor League Baseball

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DuraEdge® DuraPitch™ Premium Mound Clay

It’s a mound clay for the masses. DuraPitch Premium makes it easier than ever to manage the wear around home plate and the mound. This ready-to-use clay is shredded, screened and premoistened to provide immediate binding upon compaction. Its moderate clay content is more forgiving than higher-content professional clays so your wear areas can be repaired and ready for play in minutes!

  • Our most universally adaptable clay
  • 40% or more clay content
  • Reddish-brown color
  • Shredded, screened and premoistened for immediate use right out of the bag
  • Use to repair wear in ProLoc Block installations

Must be stored in a dry environment like an enclosed warehouse or building.

DuraEdge is an Official Partner of Minor League Baseball


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50 lbs per bag

Weight per pallet

2,070 lbs (40 bags)