DuraEdge® ProLoc™ Mound Blocks

The patented wedge-shaped design means 10° is everything. Excellent for construction or renovation projects. Use on your mound, batter’s box and catcher’s box. When laid properly, the angled sides at 10° overlap and compact more easily into one solid mass. The blocks are made of extruded, unfired red gumbo clay. Sold by the pallet only. (8 blocks per bags, 38 bags/304 blocks per pallet) Shipping will be calculated after placing your order.

DuraEdge is an Official Partner of Minor League Baseball

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DuraEdge® ProLoc™ Mound Blocks

Most clay bricks have rectangular sides, but not ProLoc. The overlapping seams from our patented wedge-shaped blocks allows them to easily meld together. The downward pressure from tamping or rolling turns them into a solid clay sheet, making them perfect for renovation or construction projects around your mound, batter’s box and catcher’s box.

  • Made from DuraPitch Premium Mound Clay
  • 40% or more clay content
  • Premoistened, unfired clay blocks
  • Extruded under pressure for maximum compaction
  • Patented 10° wedge-shaped design (patent #10,676,876)
  • Promotes better adhesion between blocks compared to the competition
  • Use DuraPitch Premium Mound Clay to repair wear that may occur on the blocks
DuraEdge is an Official Partner of Minor League Baseball

Recommended Amounts of Clay


  • DuraEdge-ProLocBlocks-stacking_250-551-009
  • DuraEdge-ProLoc-Blocks_illustration
  • ProBrick is ideal for the most heavily used areas of your field
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Additional information


8"L x 4"W x 2-1/2"H

Weight per pallet

2,050 lbs (304 bocks)