Bulldog 3″ Pitching Rubber

Bulldog Pitching Rubber

This is the best pitching rubber ever. You’ll flip for the Bulldog — literally. With a 3″ core center and 40 lbs of rubber — yes, FORTY POUNDS! — you get maximum durability and performance (2 in & 14 lbs for youth). When you need to, just flip the rubber to another side. A professional quality rubber designed to outlast any other brand. Also consider the affordable li’l brother, the 4″ Bulldog.

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Bulldog 3″ Pitching Rubber

More upfront cost, but loooooong-range savings…

The Bulldog is a professional grade pitching rubber designed to outlast any other brand. Don’t get caught with a beat-up, no good pitching rubber. After just a few games, you’ll regret settling for that “bargain” rubber. Where’s the bargain in that? The Bulldog Pitching Rubber resists the bubbling and tearing that is often seen with other brands.

With a 3″ core center and 40 lbs of rubber — FORTY POUNDS! — the Bulldog is thicker with stronger rubber which makes it more durable than any other pitching rubber (youth is 2″ core, 14 lbs). With multiple seasons of wear, that’s where you will save labor costs. And when it’s time, just flip it and reinstall. Smart.

Product Features

  • Thicker and more dense than any other rubber
  • Will not bow, even after repeated mound clay repairs
  • Cleats will not penetrate like they will with other pitching rubbers
  • Lasts up to 3 to 5 times longer than other pitching rubbers
  • Material and labor cost per year is $44 versus $75 for the typical short-lived pitching rubber

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Investing in the Bulldog Pitching Rubber will save you money in the long run. The average Bulldog lasts 7 years versus 2 years for other common pitching rubbers. Better durability leads to a longer life which reduces the equipment and labor costs associated with replacing your pitching rubbers prematurely.

Additional information

Weight40 lbs

Youth (4" x 4" x 18"), Adult (6" x 6" x 24")