Ballfield Dimensions & Reference Guide

UPDATED & EXPANDED version 3.0! This is the definitive resource for ballfield dimensions, construction and renovation. The 48-page version 3.0 is an absolute must-have for sports field managers, ground crew members, architects, field builders, athletic directors, sports turf management students, league volunteers, and board members. This will quickly become one of the most important tools in your shed.

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Ballfield Dimensions & Reference Guide

There are two significant updates with this edition, version 3.0. First, we have expanded our guide to include some of the amenities that go with a ballfield. Information about spectator safety, backstops, dugouts, batting cages, and windscreen is included for the first time. The second update is the addition of expertise from contributing writers to expand the knowledge base for this guide. We turned to our trusted partners at DuraEdge and 4Most Sports Group to lend additional expertise to enhance the guide’s value.

We take a deep dive into these topics:

  • Ballfield Layout
    • Managing expectations
    • Space needs
    • Laying out your ballfield
  • Ballfield Dimensions
    • Baseball dimensions for 29 fields
    • Softball dimensions for 45 fields
    • Finish surface grade
  • Field Amenities
    • Spectator safety
    • Dugout design
    • Backstop netting
    • Windscreen
    • Batting cages
  • Infield Soils
    • New vs existing infields
    • Function of soil entities
    • Engineered vs native soil
    • Soil testing and results
    • Determining your infield soil needs
    • About topdressings and amounts
  • On-Field How-Tos
    • Setting base anchors
    • Setting the pitching rubber
  • Mounds & Batter’s Boxes
    • Softball pitcher’s circle
    • Building a pitching mound
    • 10′ Mound
    • 8′ Mound
    • 6″ Mound
    • Batters / Catchers boxes
  • Warning Tracks
    • Building a warning track

Author & Contributors

  • Paul Zwawka (Author), Field Maintenance Channel Manager, Beacon Athletics; Former groundskeeper for the Baltimore Orioles, Author of GroundsKeeperU
  • Grant McKnight, President and Owner, DuraEdge
  • Luke Yoder, Senior VP of Business Development, DuraEdge; Former heads groundskeeper for the Iowa Cubs, Pittsburgh Pirates, and the San Diego Padres
  • Ross Clites, President / Senior Design Consultant, 4Most Sport Group;
  • Benji Brye and Elliot Hansen, Beacon Athletics; Product experts and designers in field amenities

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the experts at Beacon Athletics.


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These guides are a great reference source. Thanks for the time spent researching all this info, and compiling it into a convenient booklet."  
—Steve, Fairfax County Park Authority

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