Wind-Weighted Hem Area Tarps

Goodbye, sandbags. No need for bags, pins, or weights. They stay put in high winds without stakes or sandbags. These are the famous baseball tarps that are used by every level of baseball: Little Leagues, High Schools, Colleges, Minor and Major Leagues. Chain in the entire perimeter keeps wind from getting under, so they do not move or blow away. Remarkably, Wind Weighted Tarps have encountered hurricane force winds and did not move from the mound and home plate.

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Wind-Weighted Hem Area Tarps

Select from two tarp weights:

6 oz – Lightweight is still high quality but economical (6 oz. polyethylene).  True sizing you expect from all Beacon tarps.

18 oz – Heavyweight is the heaviest weighted hem tarp available (18oz / sq yd vinyl). Fully COATED vinyl on base fabric

Need a better tarp storage system? Consider a Beacon Tarp Cart. These carts make moving and storing your tarps easy.

Product Features

  • Weighted hem for superior strength
  • Sandbags and stakes not necessary
  • High quality and durable
  • True to size
  • Tarps available for all levels of play


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