Two-piece Infield Skin Cover

Cover your infield skin with two manageable pieces. This 2-piece infield cover has perimeter webbing with grommets and handles every 10′. Available in both 6 oz and 7.5 oz woven polyethylene fabric. Two pieces cover youth or regulation fields as indicated in picture. See below for sizes of individual pieces.

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Two-piece Infield Skin Cover

Youth field dimensions:
105′ x 90′

Youth piece #1: 90′ x 40′
Youth piece #2: 65′ x 40′

Adult (regulation) field dimensions:
145′ x 165′

Regulation piece #1: 145′ x 70′
Regulation piece #2: 95′ x 70′

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6 oz, 7.5 oz


Youth 105' x 90' (two pieces), Adult 145' x 165' (two pieces)