Sol-Aer Winter Turf Blanket

A revolutionary non-woven co-polymer fabric with a proven heat-absorbing silver lace coating, SOL-Aer Turf Blankets provide improved insulation for winter-weary grass root systems.

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Sol-Aer Winter Turf Blanket

With its ground-breaking non-woven co-polymer fabric and proven heat absorbing/reflection lace coating SOL-Aer Winter Turf Blanket is the best turf protector ever.

•A unique Non-Woven material that is composed of bi-component fibers: A polypropylene core sheathed in polyethylene means strength and durability, plus superior nighttime insulation.
•Silver Lace Coating: Combines with good sunlight penetration to increase daylight warming and decrease nighttime cooling. Same lace coating as on competitive Radiant product.
•Fusion Welded Seams: Eliminates sewing and allows this super tough fabric to be moved and walked on without damage.
•Light One-Piece Construction: Easy to hand cut without fraying, making for easier installation, removal and storage.
•Insect Barrier: Light, water, & air penetrate through, but this tighter-than-woven material disallows insects from burrowing thru.

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Product Features

  • Vipol Edging adds strength and breathability.
  • Non-woven fabric provides additional thermal insulation.
  • Provides frost protection and moisture retention.
  • Promotes earlier and more rapid germination and greening.
  • Custom sizes and cuts are readily available.


  • Sol-Aer Growth cover 2
  • Sol-Aer Growth cover
  • Solll-Aer Growth cover
  • Sol-Aer Winter Turf Blanket with Silver Lace Coating
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