Beacon Field Weight Sets

Finally, a better way. No stakes, no sandbags, no errors. Field Weights are worth their weight in ease. You fill one need and you’ve just filled another. Sandbags break. Tarp Pins get lost. But Beacon Field Weights are nearly indestructible with an easy-carry handle. They not only secure tarps, they’re perfect for adjusting field drags, too. Sold as sets of 4. 


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Beacon Field Weight Sets

When it comes to securing tarps, they’re the perfect alternative to sand bags, tarp pins or sewn in weighted tarps. They’re also the ideal way to adjust your field drags to the conditions of your infield.

These 7 lbs rubber weights have an easy-grip handle so you can carry multiple weights at once, increasing your efficiency and saving time with deployment or removal of tarps.

Beacon Field Weights are designed for use with Area Tarps, Beacon Tarp Cart, Beacon Adjustable Weight Nail Drag System, Beacon X-Drag

Product Features

  • 4.8 lbs rubber weights
  • Easy-grip handle for carrying multiple weights at once
  • Secure tarps
  • Adjust field drags for infield conditions


How many field weights or tarp stakes would I need for my tarp? Select your tarp size below to see the how many stakes or field weights needed.


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  • Adjust your field drags to the conditions of your infield
  • Designed with easy-grip handle so you can carry multiple weights at once
  • Beacon Field Weights with the X-Drag


Additional information

Weight28 lbs