205-100-030 Cocoa Mat 3205-100-030 Cocoa MatNatural fiber cocoa

Beacon Cocoa Mat Hand Drag

A perfect finish. The Cocoa Mat Hand Drag seemingly floats over topdressing for a pro-style finish — without displacing topdressing or soil.

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Beacon Cocoa Mat Hand Drag

2′ L hand drag floats across your infield. The 6′ W version of the Cocoa Mat Hand Drag is great for between inning infield skin manicuring. The 4′ W model is perfect for smoothing baselines, cutouts, infield edges, mounds, and home plate. Both sizes are equipped with a rope handle and steel lead bar.

Grooming without displacing topdressing or soil means less work for you.

Product Features

  • Virtually floats across your infield
  • Professional finish without displacing much soil or topdressing
  • Equipped with a rope handle and steel lead bar
  • Useful for dragging topdressing into turf


Additional information

Weight25 lbs

6'W x 2'L, 4'W x 2'L