Streamliner 70 4-wheel Line Chalker

Streamliner 70 Field ChalkerThis 70lb capacity baseball chalker is the biggest, baddest field liner there is. With its heavy-duty steel frame and rugged molded hopper, this dryline marker easily withstands daily wear & tear. Superior chalk delivery gives you consistent, solid lines using 30% less chalk on average.

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Streamliner 70 4-wheel Line Chalker

Smoother tracking and straighter, more consistent lines. That’s what you can expect from the industry’s best field chalker. No-flat tires give you a steady roll with superior balance, and clear line guides make tracking your string line easy. Better lines using less chalk. How do we know this is true? FIELD TESTS. We compared the performance of the Streamliner baseball chalker with two other leading models. The result was proof that the Streamliner’s advanced chalk delivery system produces the most consistent, solid line. With all three chalkers filled with 50 lbs of chalk each was used until empty. The Streamliner Dryline Marker easily outdistanced the field striper competition lasting 50% longer than one, and nearly 200% longer than the other.

Product Features

  • Heavy-duty steel frame and rugged molded poly hopper withstand daily wear & tear
  • One-button retractable handle for easy storage in equipment boxes
  • Quick changes between 2″ & 4″ lines and variable flow control to better monitor chalk usage
  • Rigid poly hopper reduces bridging for more consistent lines
  • Flexible brush agitator helps improve chalk flow and delivers steady chalk distribution
  • Optional refurbishing kits ensure long-lasting performance


  • Streamliner 353 and 70 Dryline Marker Field Chalkers
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  • streamliner-240-100-150_guide-2inleft
  • One-button retractable handle for easy storage
  • Variable flow control to better monitor chalk usage
  • Rigid poly hopper reduces bridging
  • Flexible brush agitator helps improve chalk flow
  • Optional Double-Play Aerosol Attachment
  • Field tests
“The Streamliner 70 is an efficient chalker. We used less chalk overall, and its capacity makes it perfect for a park with a lot of diamonds. It is much easier to load and to operate than other chalkers. Without a doubt, it has reduced our costs and improved the quality of our diamond prep.
—Paul Roberts, Boys & Girls Club Sports, Kenosha, WI



Only lays one size line, or is difficult to setup.

Slot-mask allows selection of 2″ or 4″ line with the easy control lever, no tools or special adjustments necessary.

Hard to maneuver with undersized wheels.

Easy to steer with wide assortment of wheels available.

Overall bulkiness makes on-site, close-to-field storage difficult, especially in a storage box.

Retractable handle allows unit to fit into any on-field storage box 30″ or taller, easily retract or extend the handle at the push of a button.

Rust, dents & scratches are problematic with sheet metal construction; lack of wheel bearings result in a bad roll.

Heavy-duty steel frame & thermo-molded plastic hopper stand up to daily wear and tear; easy roll with heavy delrin bearings.

Poor sight guides for following string lines.

Five orientation reference points to follow (Streamliner 353 excluded).

Additional information

Weight50 lbs

70 lbs of dryline marking compound


4 pneumatic tires

Line Widths

2" or 4" with variable flow control for fine tuning


18"H x 20"W; 30" front-to-back; 42" to top of handle (extended), 24" to top of handle (collapsed)